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San Francisco Giants

Orange is beautiful

10/28/12 10:17 pm - vt127 - World Series Champs

Giants are your 2012 World Series Champions.

9/17/11 01:05 pm - cryfreedom - So this community seems a little dead...

Is there anything I can do to help. Pictures? Articles? Posts? Game threads?

11/1/10 09:19 pm - shanghai_jim - 2010 World Champions of Baseball

11/1/10 02:58 pm - ladycrim

Anyone have suggestions for where a San Jose-based Giants fan can go to watch the game tonight?

10/26/10 11:40 pm - ranma9037 - First NL pennant in 8 years...

Does anyone care that we're back in the World Series?

10/14/09 10:34 pm - ranma9037 - In case anyone even cares...

Poll #1471458 2009 World Series opponents

What 2009 World Series matchup would you like to see?(No 'Freeway Series' write-in votes,onegai!)


9/26/09 10:11 pm - ranma9037 - Still barely mathematically alive,but...

Any known proven power hitters among the potential free agents this offseason?

9/22/09 12:36 pm - ranma9037 - As much as we could stock up on more potent bats this offseason...

Memo to Sabean:DON'T trade for Milton Bradley,onegai!

9/15/09 01:06 pm - mickey - newbie question

hello! i'm new to being a baseball fan, and needed help with understanding the process of getting season tickets or doing the split season tickets with another group. ideally, the tickets are not for me. my brother is a huge giants fan and has gone to i don't even know how many games this season. so my parents and myself are all looking to pitch in some money and surprise him for his birthday/christmas with season tickets for 2010.

is there anyone who would be willing to explain the whole process to me? i feel like such a tard for even having to ask, but i can't ask my brother without giving away the surprise!

9/11/09 10:01 pm - ranma9037 - What's hurting us more right now?

Lack of power at the plate or a suddenly shaky bullpen?
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